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The Reasons Why You Should Choose Stainless Steel Jewellery instead of Other Metals


When realising our products are made with stainless steel rather than other metals which is commonly used in handicraft, such as karat gold, sterling silver and copper, people seem to be curious about the reasons.

"Why not sterling silver?", "You should use karat gold! It will makes your products quality even better!", "Copper accessories is more popular than stainless steel's, why don't you use copper?". These are what we usually heard from people.


In fact, each type of metal has its own pros and cons, and the above sayings do have their points. However, choosing stainless steel to craft our products is because of two reasons - Low Chances of Causing Skin Allergy and Easy Care.


Skin Allergy

It is known that sterling silver and karat gold seldom cause skin allergy problem and therefore it is widely used in fashion jewellery or accessory industry. However, there is still a minority being allergic to such kind of precious metals but fine with pure gold and stainless steel products. We noticed this type of people and found that there are not much brands providing stainless steel jewellery, especially in handmade. Therefore, we decided to make our products with stainless steel instead of other metals, providing another choice to customers and meanwhile keeping our products within a price range that is affordable for most people.


Easy Care

Apart from skin allergy problem, easy care is another main reason we decided to use stainless steel. You may notice there is a big problem of sterling silver jewellery if you bought one before - It would become dull and sometimes may turn into black after a certain time (either wearing it or storing in your jewellery box)! This is because of the oxidation caused by chemical reaction between sterling silver and the environment. You have to remove the oxidised layer using jewellery cloth with polishing powder but sometimes you may not be able to clean it thoroughly, leading to inconsistent colour of your jewels. After that, you may not want to wear it anymore. Comparing to sterling silver, stainless steel is much more easy-care. Because of its chemical composition, stainless steel is not easily oxidised and causing colour changing problems.

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